Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not sure

I found a bug on a piece of clothing that was lying on the floor that I was about to wash.  It kind of looks like a bed bug, but have no bites and see nothing on the mattress and box springs.  If it is a bed bug, it was an adult.  When I went to kill it, it left a brown stain on the clothing.  Is there a bug that kind of looks like a bed bug, but isn't?  We were traveling a couple of weeks ago and I have looked through my computer case which was close by and have found no evidence of eggs or bed bugs nor have at any time have I noticed any bites.  What do you think?


  1. Hi Jean,
    I believe, in order to keep you and your family safe that it is important to encase all mattresses in your home immediately. By doing so you will kill any living bed bugs and/or eggs and prevent anymore from burrowing into your mattress.
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    - and good luck!

  2. Jean,

    Sounds like you might have a bed bug problem. Why don't you check out www.bedbugslasher.com. It has the latest news and updates regarding bed bugs.

    You'll find all the information you need there.

  3. Well, you some pesticides that can trigger them to vanish forever, specially organic bed bug treatment..
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  4. Did you hear about the all new FMC Verifi bed bug detector? It is supposed to take all the guessing out. We are stocking them!

  5. It could have been a bed bug but, yes, there are some insects that kind of look like bed bugs but aren't... an example would be a spider beetle.

    Best to google image search 'bed bugs' and compare the pics with what you squished. As a precaution, you might consider drying your clothing articles that you traveled with on 'high' for about an hour and thoroughly washing down the suitcase inside and out.

    Alternatively, you might consider a bed bug dog inspection. They are close to 100% accurate and will give you an answer on the spot.

    Here's a website that explains the bed bug dog


    If you suspect that you might have been exposed to bed bugs you should investigate sooner than later.

    Good luck.

  6. Hi - we're battling bed bugs in my building at the moment, and I'm trying to collect stories from people in the same boat...

    Would you be interested in sharing your story, both to help me and help my new website www.bedbugsbiteme.com ?

    I'd be really grateful if you would! Thanks! My email address is on the site.

    1. I am interested!! Bought a used bed frame from the flea market. Mostly Particle board and 2 weeks later...BAMMMM! Bugs! I didn't know they are all over my house!

  7. The most successful bed bug control method involves the proper application of heat. We're not talking about turning up your thermostat.

    Studies show that bed bugs, in all life style stages, can't survive heat over 122°F


  8. Even if some people get realy bad reaction to bed bugs bites,the third of people are not harm by it and ignore the presence on bedbugs event when they are largely biten.

    Learn more about getting rid of bedbugs here.

  9. I have started a new blog so feel free to visit and leave your comments. Pictures of my infestation are also posted. if you have story you want me to posted on my blog I will be more than happy.

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    to submit your story please email to: ipcpardons@hotmail.com (this is my work email but it is OK as this is also my primary.

  10. Jean,

    If you still have the bug, I recommend you contact a local pest control company with an entomologist on staff and have him/ her identify it. Some of them offers this service via e-mail or will give you specific instructions on how to send the bug in.

    Good luck!


  11. Ugh bedbugs creep me out. There always outbreaks on my school campus, YUCK! I found this supppppper cool, safe and effective way to get rid of those little rascals:


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  12. Habersham Highland Heights has bedbugs. I found out from the neighbor across the hall someone down stairs moved because of bedbugs, Hambersham never treated the apartment. 856 ponce de leon ave ne atlanta, ga 30306

  13. Omg...we moved in my current town-home and discovered that we were literally under attack. Everything was thrown out. It took some time to eradicate the bedbugs. What's worst is that our neighborhood was being invaded and everyone was throwing out beds and furniture's on a weekly basis. If you'd like...please feel free to read my post on "What's bugging me?"

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  14. It is bad when you are being eaten by bedbugs at night. Are you truly a bedbug buffet? I know the feeling that is why I found a solution to the problem, and I think that everyone who is reading this should go for it. Try going to www.everything-healthcare.com and you will find a product that is not too expensive and will work up to 2 months. no joke.

  15. Bed bugs can be quite creepy. I would agree with what the rest of the commenters here posted. You have to make sure that you err on the side of caution and encase them in order to kill the bugs as well as their eggs.

  16. I know there is a lot of advertising going on here but by just fitting a mattress cover will not solve the bed bugs problem. They do not only live on a mattress. Find a site, like mine that gives good information on how to detect and treat for bed bugs, or see my blog with similar information by going to my blogger page. Good luck.

  17. Treat the mattress and all bedding to get rid of the problem http://www.bedamtic.co.uk

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  20. My family and I recently moved into a duplex house in Indianapolis after I finished serving 12 years all over the country in the Navy. A few days ago, we discovered that this house has a bedbug infestation. We've had an exterminator come out to visit the house and, because it is a multi-unit dwelling, they won't do anything unless both sides get treated since he says it would be pointless.

    Unfortunately, it's in my rental agreement that I, the tenant, will pay for extermination of pests (even though my county health code says if more than one unit is infested, it's the owner's responsibility) so the owner/property manager is making me pay the extermination costs. I have tried to obtain some documentation stating that the infestation was there prior to us moving in, but all exterminators we've spoken with tell us there is not actually a way to prove it unless we saw them before moving in.

    I have about $500 saved already but my family and I cannot take living with this infestation much longer and we are trying to raise the rest of the money to rid our home of this infestation. (Total cost for both sides is a little more than $3000. My mother lives in the other half of the duplex, so we're raising the money together.) I am usually very reluctant to ask for help from anyone, but unfortunately, we are not able to take care of this issue ourselves and my wife and mother are starting to lose a lot of sleep over these bugs. I have posted our issue on GoFundMe.com and the link with the full description is


    If anyone is able to help with any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone, and God bless whether you donate to this cause or not.

  21. How we beat bed bugs-
    Step 1- Isolate the bed. Put Vaseline on the legs/bed risers and wash/dry bedding long enough to kill any bugs that could be in your bed stuff. Before putting the bed stuff back on, put vinyl zippered mattress covers on both the mattress and box spring, duct-taping over the zippers and vacuuming air out if the lower cover sags to the ground. Bedbugs are hard to find but easy to suffocate. Ensure that your sheets aren't touching the ground and that the bed is not in contact with any walls. Bed bugs are excellent at climbing walls, more commonly called wall lice in Europe.If you have completed the above steps, it will be virtually impossible for bed bugs to reach you, unless you bring an infested pillow back in (dry all pillows on high heat for 30-45 mins). It is comforting to know now that you can sleep without being bitten.
    Step 2- Buy or borrow a steamer. Steamers are very useful tools, and for our purposes, they work wonderfully for the fact that they kill any traces of bedbugs on contact. Remove all clothing and items that could be contaminated, and steam the place. The walls, the floors (not nearly as bad if you have wood floors), baseboards, and anywhere else bedbugs could be hiding. You can also steam furniture, especially a headboard if you have one.
    Step 3- Check any couches for bed bugs. Couches are very common hiding places for bed bugs; it is worth checking your couch, as an infested couch (especially bought second-hand) can be a breeding ground for bed bugs. It may be necessary to get rid of the couch if it is too far gone, as even a steamer can't reach some spots in a couch. If your couch is infested, either buy a couch cover especially for bed bugs or get rid of the couch, steaming around the walls/floor it was in contact with. Steam any carpets or rugs near the area as well.
    Other tips- It helps to spray diluted bleach on/in the mattress before covering it (you won't smell the bleach when it is sealed later). This will kill bed bugs on the surface, and if you slice a small hole (approx. 1 inch) and spray a few squirts of bleach in, it will more quickly suffocate the bugs once the mattress is sealed. Also, after putting the mattress covers on, check for any small holes or punctures, and seal them with a piece of duct tape.

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  23. Bed Bug Treatment

    Reduce clutter on the floor, so that all areas can be discussed. Being busy does not bed bugs must be removed from the bed chamber by chamber at home. If you are unable to truth mattress and the box is very weak or severely compromised, so redeemed, to protect AllerZip bed, covered with a bed or mattress Cover-A-Bug is proved.

  24. Yuck! Just hearing about bed bugs scares me! I recently visited my in laws house where they had bed bugs and now I am so worried that we brought them over. I am totally calling a company over that does bed bug extermination in Vancouver just to be safe.

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  26. 91% alcohol kills them dead in their tracks. Don't waste your money on Hot Shots Bed Bug and Flea killer. It's useless! I have tested it more than once. It seems to kill them, but leave them where they are for a little while and they revive. It's crazy. 91% alcohol drops them dead. I put the legs of my bed frame in shallow bowls with alcohol in it and nothing gets past it. Just keep a check on it because it evaporates fast. We screwed up and bought a twin bed frame with drawers and shelf from a flea market.Never knowing about this mess. Next thing we know...our son's room is a bug circus! I thought it was a type beetle or something. I did the next worst thing. Bug bombed the hell out of it. They got upset and moved to other rooms in my house. I have not found a store bought toxin that will kill them. Although 91% alcohol kills them on the spot! It also dries fast and leaves no odor once it's dried. Just please be in a well ventilated area if you use it. It's overwhelming. 1 can of Hot Shot bed bug and flea killer costs at least $6.50 -7.00 a can and is useless!!!! It only stuns them for a bit and then they are on there merry way. Trust me, I know. I have tested all kinds of sprays. None of them on the market work. They are immune to it. I am at war with these little bastards. So far...it's working for me. I used to see them even during the day. I don't see them at all now. I sprayed my baseboards and everything with it. It's better than Mace! lol Not a total fix I know, but hope it helps. You can pay for the experts, but they can't even guarantee it. not to mention could end up costing thousands of dollars. I can't guarantee anything either, but at least i'm Free. If you r interested, I will gladly tell u what else I did. Wish you all a good nights sleep. Not easy when you have this going on.

  27. i've done my research and if you can keep your bed and you safe from a blood feed,you maybe can beat them. They have to have at least 5 to 7 blood meals to get them thru stages of life to where they can reproduce. Take that from them!!! If from birth, they don't get enough feedings they will be probably sterile. Meaning they can't lay eggs. Which means you might have a chance of out running them, so to speak! 91% alcohol not only kills them , but it kills the eggs also.

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  29. Make sure that you call for some bed bug extermination if you start getting bites on your arms and legs.

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  31. When hiring a bed bug exterminator in brooklyn always do your research.Many exterminators will represent them selves as bed bug experts. Make sure as a customer you do your due diligence. Research research research. Ask many questions, about guarantees, recommendations and always make sure the exterminator is licensed by the state. There is plenty of information out there and wonderful blogs like these to converse with others who have had a similar problem!

  32. Bed Bug Removal in Kansas Cityis best done with heat treatments. ABC News called it the Magic Bullet for getting rid of bed bugs. In the Midwest there are a couple different types of bugs that resemble bed bugs. It is best if you keep the bug that you found to have it identified by a professional.

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  35. Hello,I lined the border of my room and bed and closet with diatemaceous earth,specific for bedbug extermination.The bugs that walk over it cut their bodies and hopefully die a slow, horrible death. That way, they never escaped my room to my roommates bedroom, or any other part of the building.It is readily purchased at hardware stores.As well as washing all my bedding,clothes many times over and bagging them. My bed was covered with expensive anti-bedbug mattress cover.It really,just starves the ones left on the mattress,as they can't escape.Remember ,they can live up to 8 months without a blood meal.After 2 professional sprayings and many items taken to the local dump . I still was being bitten. So, I took my hardwood bed frame with under bed drawers to the dump.That seemed to do it,as I have not been bitten since Sept 11,2013(an auspicious date.)
    Also,I discovered a very good way to catch the evil critters,to show the local health experience: DUCT TAPE.I caught them in egg,nymph and adult stage. They are unable to get off the tape,just lying there with their evil little legs moving constantly.
    I doubt that Red Green ever thought of that use for duct tape.
    Hopefully,none of us ever have to go through such an ordeal again. May we all have a peaceful, bug-free sleep.


  36. Bed bugs can come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen them as big as a quarter before. If you had them in your house you need to make sure the sheets on the bed are changed everyday. This kills the bugs and doesn't let them return. http://www.huntingtonwvpestcontrol.com/Residential-Commercial-Pest-Control-Huntington-WV.html

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  40. Do wash all your clothes and bed sheets in warm water to avoid any bed bug infestation otherwise if infestation increased, it will force you to take help from pest exterminator for bed bug control.

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  52. Hello. Bed bugs. They are out this year, and are evil.
    I rented a home in Tennessee. Hardwood floors throughout.
    I had no idea there were any bed bugs, until the bites started. I have not had 3 consecutive bites in a row? However, I have managed to catch some on tape. That is exactly what they are.
    I bombed, I sprayed, I've fought for 3 months now.
    Living in Tennessee I have learned a trick when you have hardw floors, and original hardwood walls. It is cheap,
    Bed bugs Hate dust because they breathe

  53. CONTINUED; through their bodies. So, suffocation is also the answer.
    I took my fan off the pedestal put a large container of baby powder in front of it, turned it on high moved the fan up, down, sides. Every direction!
    ( BE SURE TO WEAR A MASK ) The baby powder works better than foggers. Trust me! With the fight I have had, and the mental anguish for all of these weeks, I will not tell you something that doesn't work. It gets in every hardwood crack, under baseboards, and the little freaks smother. The don't bite in this process either.
    You DO have to use the Raid Spray for under baseboards during this process.
    You DO have to cover your matress with a Vinyl Matress Cover That ZIPS!
    You Can put cloth, furniture, etc. Out in the Sun. Make SURE to use CLEAR plastic bags for cloths, shoes, purses, rugs,anything that will fit in one, straight Sun for 48 hours.
    If your cars are infected, straight Sun for no less than 24 hours.
    LEAVE THE BABY POWDER set. If you have hardwood of any kind, due to it's ability to go into very small cracks as the eggs hatch, the babies will suffocate.
    When having hardwood they are much more difficult to kill. Do paby powder in all rooms, even the kitchen if you have other flooring.
    It needs to be in the baseboard s too.

    Now, baby powder, and people.
    When you are going to start, have evetyone ready for yard time.
    If you have children, vacuum their rooms before they come in. Don't bring them in until you do!!
    Dust their belongings, furniture toys book. The paby powder will still be in tiny cracks where it need to be! Don't wash it off except for the part that will be touch, and all the excess.
    Do Not let them in your rooms, let it stay, and kill them.
    Make SURE EVERY matress is covered After this. They Will smother.
    Less chemicals is always better. However, baby powder is cheap, accessible, and works.
    When you sweep ( Not vacuum! Becausebit stays in the tiny cracks ) if you see dead baby bugs, Mom, and Pop bug are not far behind getting smothered too.
    Do this the best way you see fit for your lifestyle! It works for me.
    Continue to use the Raid Under baseboards, in the spits you think worse. Every other day. It stays damp longer than any other type.
    Take your animals out too! Whew, almost forgot.
    Good luck, and do use other recommendations as well. Just what is best for you, and your family.
    May the killer bed bug force be with you!!

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